Monday, April 8, 2013

With All White - It's the Design - and the Texture - including Beading

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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As many who have read here on my blog, I like to use Color in my Designs In Fiber - much of it over the year in Thread Crochet.

But ~~~ I have also done quite a bit of Thread Crochet in one Color - and most of that has been WHITE!

Certain patterns lend themselves to be done in one Color -- and a stark White against a dark background is very Dramatic!  So, in these cases, it is the design(s) or pattern(s) of a piece that is the deciding factor -- and the subject may determine whether it is done in stark CLASSIC WHITE - or the more "primitive" or "rustic" or "country" beiges.

The above video is of only ALL WHITE Thread Crochet pieces I have done myself.

In addition to the pattern - textured stitches and beads add emphasis to certain parts of the design.

In this first example of a Filet Crochet of a Cottontail Rabbit, I used Raised Single Crochet stitches around the shape of the Rabbit -- and Puff Stitches for the Cottontail:

White Cottontail Rabbit Coaster in Filet Crochet

Another Filet Crochet Doily - I call this "Romantic Couple" - it is a Silhouette of a Couple in a Dancing pose.  I added Silver Blending Filament to the Woman and Man figures in it for a little bit of sparkle!

Romantic Couple Doily - Wedding or Valentine Doily

In this Closeup of one point of a Large Snowflake, you can see the Design -- with small Glass Seed Beads on the point and the edge, which adds Texture and a light Sparkle to the piece:

Beaded White Snowflake

This is another example of a Beaded All White White Doily - with Crystal Beads around the Edge -

In this example, "Popcorn" Stitches are used to crochet the "Pineapple" - called "Popcorn Pineapples" - so here you have both Texture and a Distinctive Design:

Pure White Popcorn Pineapple Crocheted Lace Star Coaster

In this last specific example of a Thread Crochet White Irish Crochet Heart Trinket - White Glass Round Pearls are crocheted inside the center of a Crocheted Rose with 4 layers of 8 petals each - adding Sparkle and more Texture:

Pearly White Heart with 3D White Roses

SEE more by watching the whole video!

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