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RELAY FOR LIFE -- I like that name! It is positive - it is for life!!

But RELAY FOR LIFE by the American Cancer Society is a special event that has special meaning for those touched by cancer. Here is the website that gives overall information about the event: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?sid=1030&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=7960
If you want - check it out - maybe you can find a "Relay For Life" event near where you live.

And, yes, I have been touched by cancer - not that so far I have had to deal with it as a medical problem for myself (knock on wood) - but people near to me have had it - and people I have admired have had it.

Some survived -- unfortunately some didn't including some who I considered very special in my life.

So, when a member of my ETSY Street Team - Eco Etsy - put out a call for donations for a gift basket for the "Relay For Life" event they were participating in, I decided to contribute.

As it is through someone who is on ETSY - it is a handmade gift!

It is turquoise - fitting for this spring season.

It is a cloth pouch for putting just about anything in. I put in some turquoise and white coasters - hand-crocheted by me. The fabric for the pouch came from an old turquoise t-shirt that had some holes in it, so it couldn't be worn any more. The edging is hand-crocheted by me with a white band - and then more crocheting in an aquamarine thread. I hand-crocheted the braid cord with a strand each of white and aquamarine thread - put 2 wood pony beads on it - one at each end of the cord - and there we have it!! Made all in my spare time - hand-crocheted and hand-sewn - I hope someone enjoys it!

Here are some pictures showing all the pieces and the detail of the crocheted edging.
Yea for HANDMADE!!

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