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Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Our EcoEtsy AUCTION FOR A CAUSE is still ongoing with some bids already put in -- yes, we have some bids and if you are interested in it and haven't bid yet, you'll need to bid yourself by the Thursday evening (Oct. 30th)!
After today (Sunday), there are 4 days left to bid on the collection of about 60 handmade, eco-minded items!!

Take a look at the pictures of what has been donated and is being auctioned off:
Remember -- the proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy!!
I have a picture here of the bag I crocheted for the Auction. It is a small bag - about 3 1/2 inches in diameter and 5 inches high. It is green, ecru and glittering sienna.

Us like-minded folks in EcoEtsy really have the welfare of our environment and the people who live in it on our minds (you should see our emailing sometimes!). We really make an effort to live our lives and conduct our businesses in such a way as not to harm our environment and maybe even help it!!

Below I will quote my favorite philosopher on the environment, Aldo Leopold, in that there is a value to protecting our environment even if there doesn't seem to be a commercial profit in it. Protecting elements in our environment that are essential to its healthy functioning, even if that protection doesn't have a commercial value, is important for our lives. Of course, if you find new ways to use things that would otherwise be thrown out, you can reduce waste (good for the environment) and save money you would otherwise have spent on something new (good for your pocketbook), but some economists would tell you that consumer spending is a good sign of the economy - I would say to find other things to spend your money on while Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

Aldo Leopold from "Substitutes For a Land Ethic", which is part of "The Land Ethic", which is part of "The Upshot" in the book, A Sand County Alamanc, copyright 1966 by Oxford University Press:

"To sum up: a system of conservation based solely on economic self-interest is hopelessly lopsided. It tends to ignore, and thus eventually eliminate, many elements in the land community that lack commercial value, but are (as far as we know) essential to its healthy functioning. It assumes, falsely, I think, that the economic parts of the biotic clock will function without the uneconomic parts. It tends to relegate to government many functions too large, too complex, or too widely dispersed to be performed by government.

"An ethical obligation on the part of the private owner is the only visible rememdy for these situations."

We, in EcoEtsy, who are putting on our AUCTION FOR A CAUSE, are private owners.

The Nature Conservancy is an organization who's funding is based on donations from private owners and who works to protect those uneconomic parts that are so essential to the healthy functioning of the land community we live in -- to our "web of life".

We, at EcoEtsy, are trying to be ethical in our lives and businesses - and our AUCTION FOR A CAUSE is part of that.

From me, Thanks to everyone who has participated - our EcoEtsy Co-Leaders, the donators, the bidders and all who helped promoting!!


P.S. - You can find the book, A Sand County Almanac, online - and through the Aldo Leopold Foundation,

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