Saturday, October 25, 2008


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I have some more favorites from the Design Style Guide (search for tag: interiordesignteam) on

I am truly amazed at some of the beautiful, artistic work I see for sale on Etsy!!

I look through some of the Treasuries on Etsy -- and some of the items just pop out at me -- they appeal to me artistically and some of them are very practical -- of course some are purely decorative!

But I am of the opinion that it is important to have some beauty in your home to enjoy -- whatever you admire and whatever you can afford. There is an amazing selection on Etsy -- at all dollar levels!!

So here are a few people on etsy who I think are worth checking out!!

1. Very Earthy Pottery by Rob Drexel from New Mexico -- I just love it!!

2. Absolutely beautiful handmade quilts by Betty Grafton!! I like them all - but at this moment, I am partial to the Unicorn!!

3. I so admire the paintings of Slavko!! He has original paintings, some prints, some really detailed artistic pendants and some sculptures in his shop!!

4. I like stained glass - I have had a stained glass suncatcher of a harp hanging in my home since the 1980's!! I discovered a suncatcher of a Cardinal by Dianas Stained Glass on Etsy and was pleasantly surprised - I also like her lamp with "Paddy the Pinto" in stained glass (I am a bit partial to horses in art!).

So that's a few more talented people on Etsy!!

For pictures, look to the right and down here on my blog -- I have a display of MY FAVORITES on Etsy -- you can click on the pictures to see the listing and get to their shop!!



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