Thursday, October 30, 2008

e2, The Economies of Being Environmentally Conscious - a Show on PBS -- California Laws Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Television is not my favorite thing -- especially the regular networks.

So, last night, avoiding all the typical shows around Halloween, I ended up watching PBS on KCET from Los Angeles.

I just sort of stumbled on this show - it came on after something else I had watched.

I was so glad to hear what was said -- it was one of a series of programs on PBS, "e2 is an ongoing PBS series about the economies of being environmentally conscious with a combination of policy, technology and ingenuity, from energy consumption to building efficiency. It chronicles global efforts to solve pressing ecological challenges."

This particular show was about California's bills that have passed the legislature and been signed which set standards for greenhouse gas emissions -- both with some vehicles and in industry -- by certain dates.

According to one of the experts on the show, the standards set should put California's level of greenhouse gas emissions down to the levels of 1990 - 18 years ago.

Of course, this means enforcing the standards.

What I also liked hearing was that per the legislation on industry standards, industries cannot import dirty energy -- such as that from burning coal -- from other states.

I felt like jumping for joy!!

Maybe we can do something on a massive level to keep this planet living!!

California is apparently leading the way in the USA in climate change laws -- with some states following our example.

Of course, I would like to see it at the Federal level, but I am glad to be living in a state that is doing something about how human impact causes climate change/global warming!

Something keeps running through my mind -- many of the larger buses in Los Angeles run on Natural Gas because it is considered Clean Energy -- I was in a cab in Los Angeles last Monday that was "Natural Gas Only". The taxi cab driver told me that in many asian/eastern countries, a large percentage of the cars run on Natural Gas.

In the United States, can you buy commercial cars that run on Natural Gas and are there places where you can buy Natural Gas for private vehicles?

I don't drive a car now for medical reasons, but I think this would be something to look into. Many of the Hybrids that you can buy commercially have really good mileage, but still use gas from oil which causes greenhouse emissions.

Car manufacturers who make cars for gas from oil keep pushing on needing oil and are warning that some standards are going to make it difficult to have the popluar SUV's meet the standards. But, logically, I can't help but wonder because if large buses can run on Natural Gas, why can't a SUV??????

We are going to need to change the way we think -- and the manufacturers are going to have to re-think some things. I am aware that changing how you manufacture a vehicle will mean possibly difficult changes in the factories that will cost money, but we need to weigh the "costs" -- the negative impacts of greenhouse gas emissions and a way to have clean energy running our vehicles!!

And, oh, I checked out the sponsor of the PBS show -- -- "Autodesk supports sustainable design awareness and adoption through leadership, design solutions, and sponsorship programs."

Autodesk's Sustainability Initiative:
1. Conduct Our Business Responsibly
2. Optimize the Environmental Impact of Our Operations
3. Make Our Products the Best Available for doing Sustainable Design
4. Amplify Our Impact by Partnering with Leading Innovators

Sustainable Design - including for manufacturers.

At least they are trying to do something!! They are contributing to a green economy!!

It gives me hope!!

Support sustainable living at all levels!!


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