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It was sometime in my early teens that I learned to crochet and sew. It was later on in life when I learned to knit.

I always enjoyed doing handmade -- and I still do!!

In fact, that was one of the reasons that I set up my 3rd shop on, -- to have a special shop for my crochet and knitting designs that are wearable -- especially the ones for babies and kids.

Here are a few of those designs in my shop.

I read on the Internet how hats for newborns and babies help to keep them healthy because they keep their heads warm. So, I make a few baby hats and here are a couple of them:

This first one is 100% white cotton -- it is knitted in a rib pattern, which makes it stretchy, but snuggly -- that means it will stretch to fit different sizes, but then once it is on, it fits snug.

This one I made with acrylic yarn in different colors -- acrylic is totally and easily washable - and WARM - I think it would be good for a baby in the winter. It is also in a rib pattern and stretches, but fits snug.

I actually love making children's clothes, especially sweaters for the winter. Over the years, I have made a variety of them -- mostly to give away. Here is one I made for my shop. It is knitted BULKY and WARM, double strand 100% cotton! Personally, I like cotton and I know from experience that this Peaches and Creme worsted cotton knitted or crocheted double strand is WARM. Peaches and Creme yarn is also washable (lukewarm water on delicate and tumble dry on low heat), which is important for kid's clothing!! This is a size 6 crewneck pullover in Shaded Denim - which is great with jeans!!

This next one is last, but not least!!

The design is from a magazine from about 1980 with Granny Square Designs. All I know is that the designer of this Granny Square pattern that is on this Girl's Jumper won an award. I loved doing it - thanks to the designer! It is made with acrylic yarn for warmth and washing convenience (totally washable). It is a size 8.

I've enjoyed making all of these items -- I hope some child will enjoy wearing them someday!!

I also do custom orders -- so if anyone knows someone who would want some warm children's cothing handmade for the winter or some cool children's clothing for the summer, they can email me (see above).

By the way, keep in mind that all handmade is "eco" or good for the environment in that it is "low carbon" - though I buy my yarn, the making of the clothing is done without using any electricity except the lights I have on anyway -- and I use energy saving bulbs!!


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