Sunday, December 7, 2008


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One of my Etsy Teams, ECOETSY, has a benefit currently going on to raise donation funds for

The participating shops on ETSY are donating 10% of all sales for a team-wide donation to to help with their programs to help the needy around the world provide for themselves. I have gotten brochures in the mail from so I know what they are doing and I think they are making a valuable contribution to society. I think their principle of "Teach a man to fish..." is a really good way to help others.

At the following link, you can get a pdf document about the EcoEtsy event, "Proceeds of Promise" with information about the event, EcoEtsy and Heifer International.

By buying things at the participating shops, including mine:

-you will be helping to make a contribution to bettering someone's life.

This 10% donation is in addition to the 15% off sale going on in my shops.

So, if you buy in my shops, you will get 15% off the listed item price plus 10% of what you pay (not including shippping) will be donated to Heifer International.

Have a good Holiday season!!


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