Sunday, December 14, 2008

An ETSY Treasury of POTTERY, WOOD and LACE

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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On ETSY, the website for buying and selling handmade, you can find some really beautiful objects. But - finding them amidst the hundreds or thousands of listings that come up in searches can be daunting, frustrating, aggravating and time consuming, so ETSY came up with a variety of different tools for promoting.

One of the free ones on ETSY is called a Treasury - and an individual seller can put one together.

Well, I came up with an idea. I love making doilies and lace table coverings and I have joined up with a team of them on ETSY - the ETSY Thread Artists Team, who you can find at I also love pottery and wood. So, my idea is to put some table decor in pottery, wood and lace all together in a Treasury!!

And I did it!

Here is the link:!

And, here is the screen shot:

You might want to go look at it on ETSY and look at the individual listings by clicking on the pictures. There are some real works of art in this Treasury!!


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