Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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My little town of a few thousand in the southeast portion of the Antelope Valley of Southern California, which is a High Desert, rarely gets snow - especially snow that "sticks". A few times over the 6 1/2 years since I moved here I have woken up to snow, but usually it is melted by around noon.

Not today!!

We have beautiful, beautiful snow -- and it is still snowing!!

I went out today to get something important, despite the snowing, and managed to get a ride home early. I wore boots, which was good, because my sidewalk and lawn in my yard had an accumulation of snow when I got home around noon and I actually made footprints in the snow!!

This is a first for me since I've lived in the Antelope Valley. The van I was in is properly equipped for driving safely in the snow at the time we were driving.

But the Antelope Valley is not really set up for this kind of weather and the public transportation system was in the process of shutting down until the weather "lets up" and it is safe for them to operate. We saw snow plows some on the streets and at a nearby gas station on the way home.

I come from the midwest - Chicago area to be exact - and I know how to deal with this weather.

Dressing properly was a good thing today!!

Actually, I am loving it, though I couldn't do some shopping I had planned. We need the precipitation in this part of the country to keep off a drought.

I have a bucket out there catching snow - when it melts, I am going to use the water/melted snow for watering plants instead of having it run down the sidewalk and driveway to who-knows-where.

I managed to get a few pictures so far.

My yard at 7 AM this morning.

My yard at around 1 PM today (deeper snow - it is piling up)!

A group of Old Growth trees in the back around 1 PM today.

Looking at the sky through one of the trees in my front yard around 1 PM.

This kind of weather is unusual in the valley of the High Desert here - and it is worth enjoying the benefits of different seasons.

YES, the snow is "sticking"!!!

I keep wondering how long it will last!!


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