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From reading a number of different newspaper articles, I found out that a Non-Profit, "Tuleyome" is putting together an official Proposal for Congress to make an ecologically significant area of Northern California a NATIONAL CONSERVATION AREA encompassing approximately 500,000 acres of public lands providing excellent opportunities for landscape scale management and protection -- and ecosystem management.

It's proposed name is: Berryessa Snow Mountain National Conservation Area.

As mentioned in the writeup (page 2) of the following pdf document on the Internet, "The region is a vitally important part of the California Floristic Province which is one of the 25 biological
“hotspots” on the planet..."

See here for a map for area of the Proposed National Conservation Area and their writeup:

You can contact this Non-Profit Organization either by email at -- or by phone at 530-350-2599.

This was covered in The Sacramento Bee in this newspaper article:

This is not an area that I am personally familiar with - but I do know that it is part of the globally significant Biodiversity Hotspot, the California Floristic Province - and protecting the native species and natural resources of such an area is beneficial to the biodiversity of the whole planet!

I have a map of the California Floristic Province in a book titled such that is an Extract of the original book, "HOTSPOTS, Earth's Biologically Richest and Most Endangered Terrestrial EcoRegions" - from Conservation International (

You see, this area is of high biodiversity, but is endangered by development of roads and industries. It includes Wilderness Areas as well as other Federal, State and County public lands. See the map!

In this area, because it is of such ecological significance due to the high biodiversity still here, it is particularly important to protect the biodiversity and limit the development - and the private landowners need to co-operate with protecting the biodversity of the region and even handle the agricultural lands in such as way as to protect the natural resources.

Though I do not live up in that region, if there is some way I can help by writing letters to get Congressional support for this, I will and I plan to contact myself, where you can look up what is being done on this National Conservation Area and sign up for news and alerts.

Contributing to this will be a contribution to keeping our planet healthy!

What do you want to do?


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