Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Deal in RSS Designs In Fiber for HEARTS IN FIBER through sometime Monday 2/16/2009

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Crocheting in Thread is an enjoyable artistic endeavor for me.

One of the things I like to crochet in different techniques is Hearts!!

I have had a few of them in my Internet Shop - RSS Designs In Fiber - these are the ones I still have in this shop at the time of writing this article. (See WEEKEND DEAL Below!!)

Lovebird In A Heart:

Circle of Hearts and Roses:

Irish Crochet Roses In A Heart:

Heart Inside A Heart Inside A Heart....:

They are each made in the Art of Thread Crochet with Fine Thread.

They are all made with the high quality cotton DMC Thread - Cebelia.

WEEKEND DEAL: This weekend through whenever Monday, Feb. 16, 2009, I go into my shop and take the deal down, a buyer can get the following percentages off for the above "Heart" items:

Purchase one Heart item - 15% Off Listed Price
Purchase two or more Heart Items - 33% Off Listed Price.

For Payment, I take either PayPal or a Money Order/Cashier's Check; if you pay with PayPal, I will refund the percentage off when I process the shipping of the package; if you are going to pay with a Money Order/Cashier's Check, I will email you the adjusted Invoice Total with the percentage taken off when I get the Etsy Order.

I am in three ETSY teams:

1. Etsy Thread Artists - these items are Thread Art
ETSY Search Tag: threadartists

2. Design Style Guide - these items are Home Decor
ETSY Search Tag: "interiordesignteam" or "designstyleguide" (I use the first one.)

3. Eco Etsy Street Team - these items are made with 100% & are re-usable decorations
ETSY Search Tag: teamecoetsy

I hope you enjoy our Handmade creations on ETSY!


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