Friday, March 25, 2011

Little Handmade Personal Accessories - To Add Some Color to Life!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I have always made a variety of things - since I started making things as a child.  Different crafts, different colors, different materials -- different ideas!!  Always sort of looking for something new and fun -- but also maybe somewhat practical, as well as deocrative!!

Shaded Garnet Red 3D Rose Flower Pin or Brooch - or Applique
Shaded Garnet Red 3D Flower Pin or Applique

Now I work mostly in Fibers - from very fine threads to chunky yarns or hemp.

And some of what I make are Personal Accessories -- either just for decoration -- or to make something colorful as well as practical.

But everything adds some kind of color -- or fiber art -- to life!!

Crocheted Choker - With Wood Beads and Carved Wood Pendant

- Pin or Brooch or Applique -
Black and Purple Crocheted Flower with Crystal Iris Seed Beads

Crocheted Key Chain with Hook - Irish Crochet Red Roses and Green Leaves

Crocheted Key Chain With Hook - Green and Red Sombrero

Very often I make what I see as something that might be Useful -- and Enjoyable --- but then you never know what other people might be looking for.  These little Personal Accessories I sort of make "on a whim".  Some have liked them enough to buy them!!

If you look, even if there are similar items you have seen somewhere -- these designs are One-Of-A-Kind -- and I make them in such a way as they will be strong and last, with high quality materials!!

If you are reading this and would like something like the one of the above - but slightly different or in different colors - contact me by the Email Given Here -- for a Custom Request.

If you like Hand-Crocheted, I can do quite a lot in that craft!!

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