Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Variety of Handmade Designs In Fiber with the Season of Spring In Mind!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Spring - Ah-h-h!!  Just the mention of it brings to mind the warmth of sunnier days after the cold, more barren winter months -- and with those, the RE-GROWTH that comes with the warmth and the rains and melting snows!!  Budding leaves on trees -- blooming flowers in the fields!!

3D ROSES and SHAMROCKS Doily, Fiber Art, Flowers, Colorwork Crochet Art, Thread Lace
3D Roses And Shamrocks

Nature, for me, is a big part of life -- so are its seasons!!

I walk in all the seasons, though in the more extreme weather days, I tend to be more careful & end up staying inside more.

The two seasons between the more extreme seasons are Spring & Autumn (Fall) and the changes in them, with all the associated colors and smells, are my favorite!!

After the recent rains in the eastern Antelope Valley, as I walk through the wild fields, there is a wild plant with little purple flowers on bright green foilage spread out all over -- last week I saw my first cottontail rabbit since Winter - racing for the safety of a bush (and probably the rabbit nest underneath it).  It all makes me smile!!!

These little things in Nature give me much joy (and have all my life, since I was a little girl walking home from school) -- and this Joy is reflected in my DESIGNS IN FIBER!!

Here are a Variety of my Handmade items reflecting the colors and the "feel" of Spring!!  (Some are for sale and link to the listing -- some are already sold.)

Ornate Lily in Filet Crochet - Handmade Vintage Style Doily

3D White WATER LILY on Green Doily, Fiber Art, Cluny Thread Lace, Crocheted Home Decor
3D White Water Lily on Green

COASTERS White Flower in Spring Green, Doily, Pair, Home Decor
Coasters - White Flower in Green

YELLOW Flowers in GREEN Lace Doily, Crochet Thread Art, Spring Home Decor
Small Yellow Flowers All Over Green

SCARF in Rippling Spring Colors - All Cotton - 69 in. long with Fringe
Rippling Scarf in the Colors of a Spring Meadow

Basket of Flowers for Mother - A Burst of Spring Colors


Green Leaves Beaded Pair Doilies, COASTERS - Home Decor, Fiber Art, Thread Crochet Lace, Nature, Applique
Green Leaves with Yellow Flowers - Beaded Coaster Set

Daffodil Bouquet
The above are just a few of my DESIGNS IN FIBER done with SPRING in mind -- working on some new ones:

  1. Cottontail Rabbit in Bush
  2. Feeding Nesting Birds
  3. Small Purple Desert Flowers
  4. Viola and Plum Table Runner

-- will post here when completed!!  Keep an "eye" out for them!!

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