Monday, March 7, 2011

My Hand-Crocheted WHITE and SILVER Bag - is in Great Finds Poll this week!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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This White & Silver Bag -- Hand-Crocheted by me in my own design - sort-of done as I went along (one of those designs in my head) -- got into the "Great Finds" Poll put on by "On Fire For Handmade"!!

"On Fire For Handmade"  describes how I feel all right.  Always having done Handmade since I was a child, well, some would understand it, but now it is more that something I do "just for fun", even though it is fun.

I do Handmade because I think it is right.  Now, in my life, I have time -- so I'm making all kinds of things for myself and sometimes for others -- things I use to just buy, but now I choose to make them.  But since I am making them, I get to choose the fibers - and the colors - and the sizes, the only drawback is that it takes time -- and for larger things, that can be a lot of time!!  But when something is done, it is worth it!!

Well, not to digress, but the "Great Finds" Poll by "On Fire For Handmade", which is done by "MadeForMebyOaklie" (Anne Hopfer on Facebook) -- is about HANDMADE!!

There is a "Great Finds" Poll every week -- and all Votes are appreciated!!

Here are a couple more pictures of the White & Silver Bag - one full view of the Bag -- and one closeup of the lace bag edging!  And you can buy it on Etsy:  "Hand-Crocheted WHITE and SILVER Lace Bag" !!

If you have any questions about this Bag -- you can email me !!

Again, Thanks to Anne Hopfer of MadeForMebyOaklie for all of this!!

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