Monday, November 3, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Went to one of my favorite stores today - Trader Joe's!!

When I go shopping these days -- and for a number of years -- I take my own reusable shopping bags with me.

I do this for several reasons - most importantly, I can't stand either paper bags or those disposable plastic bags that most stores give out.

I greatly prefer my collection of reusable shopping bags that are either heavy duty canvas or long-lasting plastic ones that hold more than anything the stores give out and don't fall apart.

Today I had 3 reusable shopping bags and a rolling knapsack with me. By the time I got to Trader Joe's, 2 of the reusable shopping bags and the rolling knapsack were full -- and I knew I would need 2 more, so I decided to buy another one of Trader Joe's reusable bags that they sell.

Well, lately I had seen this new one in my "local" Trader Joe's. I had already read the info on it -- it was made 100% of recycled plastic bottles - and I knew that that was the one I was going to buy today and I did.

Here it is, folks -- and read the balloon message on the bag!! least some of those plastic bottles I've recycled are being put to good use!!

Find your "local" Trader Joe's here:

I realy love this "chain" of stores!! Been shopping there for over 20 years -- even when I had to go find one in another community.

My "local" Trader Joe's - well, I was one of those people in the Antelope Valley calling their corporate office asking when they were going to put one here before there was one. I use to have to go down to one of the valleys south of here to find one.

Go there regularly now -- the guys running it are great -- great products (even if they do change periodically) and great service!!

Find one near you -- or not so near you -- you might find it worth it to go!!


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