Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3D Sparkling Flower Design in Fall Color Theme

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I've been planning and working on this project for a while.

It has 3-dimensional flowers done in a particular way - 8 petals on each of 3 layers - and each petal is edged with gold-copper blending filament added -- giving the flowers a sparkle!!

The 3-dimensional flowers sit in tan lace. There are 6 motifs with the flowers - the seventh center motif is totally flat for putting "things" on -- perfect for vases, bowls, figurines.

On the border of each motif, I added more of the gold-copper blending filament to give more sparkle!!

This is truly an Artistic Fine Thread piece - perfect for Home Decor on any table. If you really would like to, you could also turn it into Wall Art by mounting or framing it.

It is for sale on Etsy - here.

But, I ALSO DO CUSTOM ORDERS - I can do this in a different size - in different colors - with different flowers. If you don't shop on Etsy, you can contact me here about Custom Orders!

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Dena said...

Beautiful! I bet the filament looks fabulous when the sunlight hits it. Well done.