Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I've been reading -- BLUE and WHITE are a rather popular Decor Color Theme. I have seen books about it! From Elegant to some Country Styles to Nautical and Beach Themes, as well as the Jewish Themes, BLUE and WHITE is a well-known color theme -- though it can be in different shades of BLUE!!

These BLUE and/or WHITE items pictured in this article, Hand-Crocheted by me, are some examples of work I have done in this color theme for decor. Each photo links to the item listed in my online shop, RSS DESIGNS IN FIBER.

But -- if you look through this Slideshow of my PUBLIC PHOTO GALLERY of my Thread Crochet Items, you will see more of a variety of items I have done over the years in BLUE and WHITE (as well as other colors).

The following 4 images reflect my ideas of how to do designs in BLUE and WHITE!

DESIGN STYLE GUIDE on ETSY has some wonderful Home Decor, just to give an example of what you can find there, I have chosen the last image to showcase BLUE and WHITE Table Decor that is co-ordinated -- A Blue Pottery Vase: "Together Vase" by Glynt Pottery.

You can find various Thread Crochet HOME DECOR from ETSY THREAD ARTISTS in BLUE!

And - you can find other Home Decor from DESIGN STYLE GUIDE in BLUE !

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Graciela Testa Lynt said...

You are right about the blue/white combination! Your work is lovely! And I thank you very much for including my together vase... As you know, they started as a labor of love for my 3 married daughters!
Hope you have a great holiday season!