Sunday, November 1, 2009

I was a Winner of A GIVEAWAY!!

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Thank You to Kenna Foster of Beholden To Nature and Fine Art, Nature Conservation Photography by Kenna
-- for holding her "Vow NOT To Recycle" Giveaway -- for 2 reasons!!

First of all, I so totally support REUSING and using REUSABLE CONTAINERS over using plastic bottles that have to be recycled (or heaven-help-me -- thrown away into our overfilled Landfills!!!).

It has been some time now since I signed onto the "Break the Bottled Water Habit" Campaign --- and I am really doing it!! I have 2 stainless steel bottles that I use both around the house - and when I go out - for water and other beverages; I also have a PUR water filter on my kitchen faucet rather than buy bottled water.

I just don't buy bottled water any more unless I am backed into a corner and I think that happened once in the past year. Otherwise, I just carry my trusty stainless steel bottle with the screw-on top (which has the added bonus of not leaking) everywhere I go and I love it -- water, tea, coffee -- it serves me so very well and I don't have those disposable/recyclable bottles to worry about any more.

I also managed to find a somewhat insulated travel cup with a stainless steel inner cup that I take with me when I stay out overnigt because I can use it at the coffee bar at the hotels or restaurants I go to usually. Don't have to take their disposable cups and the drinks stay hotter in it, too!!

And, Second, by gosh -- I was one of the Winners of Kenna's Giveaway and I am getting the photo pictured at the top here!! It links to Kenna's listing in her Etsy shop!! (photo used by permission)

Maybe using the RESUSABLE CONTAINERS and not even having to recycle, let alone throw away, will help preserve the beautiful nature spot in the photo -- Havasu Falls in Arizona!!


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