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One of my ETSY Teams, Etsy Thread Artists is having its 2nd Artistic Challenge on its blog,

The theme is "Floral" and there were certain requirements for doing it. (The theme was chosen by the winner of the 1st Artistic Challenge, Brenda.)

We have 8 entries, one of which is a doily that I made -- ROSES AND SHAMROCKS. Here are some pictures.

You can find it for sale on Etsy here: .

The voting is going on from May 16th to May 31st on the Team blog in the upper right-hand corner. My entry is #8.

I really enjoyed making it, though it took a lot of work because there are 11 flower motifs (including the center motif) and 10 shamrocks -- and each of the 11 flowers has 3 colors in it (all made in DMC Cebelia size 20)!!

The close-ups really show the detail in different parts of the doily.

Doing these designs in thread crochet, it is really delightful to watch the design unfold as you crochet -- or, in this case, when you put it all together!!

Though I don't actually teach crochet, if anyone has any questions or comments about making a doily like this, why don't you leave a comment on this post -- and I will respond here on the blog as soon as I can.

I am self-taught, but I use patterns, books -- and now years of experience -- to be able to do a project this complicated -- and in multiple colors.

Though I sell my completed craft projects, I also like to encourage others to do it themselves - either for themselves - or others - or to sell.

It is really amazing what you can do with crochet thread and a crochet hook -- just take a look at the work showcased on the Etsy Thread Artists blog !!


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