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Reusable Bags -- I have a whole bunch of them. Have for years!! Actually, I grew up with some, though when the family went shopping when I was a little girl, there were all those paper bags -- but we use to save them in the Kitchen closet and reuse them!!

What is even a bit funnier is that I remember my Grandmother had some string cotton reusable bags -- I wonder -- did she bring them over from Germany when they emigrated here in 1936???

I think you get the point - re-using bags and reusable bags are not a new thing in my life -- or in my family.

The disposable plastic bags, now so prevalent in stores, are a relatively modern creation that is part of our throw-away society, that I dislike so much.

So, today, I want to feature a Giveaway on IndieNorth of Reusable Bags from Kootsac on Etsy.

If you buy a lot in bulk, I think these bags would be a great asset to you -- and much better for you and our environment than the plastic bags available in the stores. They are also much more attractive.

I am going to feature two styles of the bags that Kootsac has on sale on Etsy, though Kootsac has quite a few different colors and sizes -- and even weights.

The first is my favorite bag - a Produce Bag in 100% natural cotton in white with attached ties. Part of the reason this is my favorite is that this bag has ties attached, which I think is very convenient. I also like cotton.

The second is a Large Light Nylon Blue Food Bag -- can be used for quite a variety of different types of items according to the description!!

Kootsac's Profile on Etsy covers why these are better than plastic bags.

Did you know that it can take 1000 years -- or never -- for a plastic bag to disintegrate in a landfill?? Boy -- all these disposable plastic bags are going to be haunting this planet for a long time!!!

I think the Giveaway on IndieNorth is a great way to introduce people to these Reusable Food Bags -- participate -- learn what is available -- and maybe win some!!!

And - OH - Kootsac on Etsy is a member of one of my Teams on Etsy -- EcoEtsy!!

I have blogged previously about Reusable Bags -- I think they are important part of living an ethical, healthy life -- check here for my other posts on the subject!


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