Friday, May 8, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I know it seems a little late for buying a Mother's Day gift online, but I have seen all kinds of things happen online and in the retail world.

People buy gifts on the holiday for the holiday -- or after the holiday either as a belated gift -- or in advance for the following year -- or for some other occasion.

ETSY THREAD ARTISTS put together a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE on their blog.

It will be up for some time -- even after Mother's Day.

A lot of people buy flowers for Mother's Day -- but think how nice it would be to either supplement real flowers with a beautiful thread creation -- or get crocheted flowers that won't wilt and will last a long time instead of the real ones.

Take a look at the ETSY THREAD ARTISTS MOTHER'S DAY GIFT GUIDE -- you may find some really artistic and aesthetic thread work that will be just the perfect thing for any Mother at any time!!


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