Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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For anyone who has taken a good look at my shop on ETSY, RSS Designs In Fiber, saying that NATURE has had an influence on my crafts -- would be -- like stating the very obvious.

Flowers, leaves, trees, even a bear head -- hard to miss!! The pictures are all over the shop!!

You see, I love NATURE -- yes in capital letters!! As long back as I can remember as a child, I loved being out in NATURE -- even if it just meant the NATURE as I walked home from school on the streets of Chicago.

Yes, on the streets of Chicago, what I remember is the trees (some of them seemed like giants to me as a little girl) and the bushes and the squirrels and the birds of all different colors. Oh-h-h, the trees --on the North side of Chicago where we lived, there were all kinds of trees along the streets and I remember the trees budding in the spring and turning gold and orange and eventually brown in the fall; then the stark design of the bare branches with the grey winter sky showing through.

I just loved it -- all of it!!

And if anyone wonders why I want NATURE protected so bad, well, I admit that it isn't just the beauty of it or my pleasure in it, though those are big points for me -- at this point I am also worried about survival.

-- I would hate living in some of those Sci-Fi civilizations which are mostly enclosed "bubbles" so us humans can breathe.

And now as I do my crochet or knitting and I think of designs -- and even the ones that don't depict actual things out of NATURE -- the colors and the designs still come from my experiences in NATURE!!

So, when you see in my listings for my craft items -- crochet or knitted or whatever -- "Inspired By NATURE" -- it is really so!!

Following are pictures of a few items I have made trully, trully Inspired by NATURE that I have actually seen!







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