Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I found a pattern for this really neat head covering for the winter. I think it is particularly good for keeping your head and neck warm.

It is a hood with an attached scarf and a tassel:

What I think is so great about it - is that it is all one piece rather than having a separate hat and scarf and it is long enough to cover the head and the back of your neck and the scarf ends in front tie to close it in the front.

The yarn it is crocheted in is this wonderful silky soft yarn, Caron Simply Soft Eco (see info on it on their website: http://www.shopcaron.com/). It is acrylic, which I like for winter -- things made in it are warm and it is easily washable. An additional bonus is that it is eco-friendly - at least 20% of it is post-consumer recyled plastic, which is hard to believe with its soft silky feel.

I did this one in colors for this season - a beautiful red called Wine Country - and a beautiful green called Pine. I love the combinations of these colors and it has been a particularly popular color combination in past years in my craft selling.

Of course, I can do it in other colors and other sizes.

Just ask!!

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