Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some things to find on THE NATURE CONSERVANCY website

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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THE NATURE CONSERVANCY website is just huge and has some really wonderful things on it for the dedicated nature lover/environmentalist:

One of the things they offer are some beautiful nature photographs to Decorate Your Desktop!!

My desktop wallpaper is a photo from them of the Parker Ranch -- an area not so far from where I live that has a lot of significant habitat and is a wildlife corridor at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada. It has such a beautiful sky - I love seeing it on my desktop all the time!!

They have certain photos that they feature every month and here is the November 2008 one:

You can go to the link for Decorate Your Desktop above to choose your own nature photo for your desktop!!

And -- you can send free email cards with all kinds of nature photos in them from their website:!!

I love what The Nature Conservancy does in nature and I love what they do to make sure people know about it on their website!!


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