Friday, November 21, 2008


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I decided to do a POLL here on my blog to see what is needed and wanted - or just desired - by people in Designs In Fiber that I do. It is over on the right - below my Welcome and About Me.

I do crochet in both thread and yarn for Home Decor and Things To Wear - I would really like to know what I make is wanted - or even not, because I have a "None of the above" choice in the POLL!!

I try to make things that are useful and aesthetic, though some are just mainly aesthetic.

I can personalize things either doing Filet Crochet or Tapestry Crochet, both of which I discuss in posts here in my blog. They should both be tagged "crochet".

I haven't tried it before, but I can personalize in knitting, too!!.

I love to do custom orders for people who want something in particular - that way they are spending their money on things they really want.

I can email with people if they want something in particular, but are not sure exactly what.

I can send pictures of colors of yarn or thread.

Feel free to let me know. There is an email address on top if anyone wishes to contact me -- or if you are on Etsy, you can contact me through (Home Decor) -- or (Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Bags).


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paintwithbarb said...

If I was to buy something I think it would be hats, doilies etc but due to the fact I do make my own....not at this time of buying now....I enjoy the small threads, in fact that is how I learned...