Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ruth Sandra Sperling
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Well, I really like making things for kids!

I once made a stuffed giraffe -- I crocheted the pieces and stuffed and sewed them together -- of course, it may have been a big kid that got it as I donated it to a local hospital for their Christmas party for their long-term patients. Don't have a picture -- that was about 6 years ago.

But I have been making some winter clothing for kids to put in my etsy shop and to donate to an Annual Clothing Giveaway (which I will cover in another post later).

I had fun making this hat with 3 strands of yarn held together to make it bulky, warm and big enough for a kid:

The combination of colors in the yarn give a "woodsy" look and it is sort of in the shape of a Robin Hood hat. Here's the Etsy listing:

I also put together a sweater set for a 12 month old - a sweater, a hat and a pair of mitts (thumbless mittens) in a "flecked" baby pink:

I literally put it together -- using a chart for sizing the pieces and knitting it with a rib stitch for the cuffs, bottom and neckband and with stockinette stitch for the body of all pieces. Here it is on Etsy!

Here's some closeups:

It was fun to do -- and I do believe it is quite cute!!

I can make it in different sizes and different lengths and different colors and different fibers.

And, I know from personal experience that this type of yarn is warm, especially when it is knitted this way!!

Good for the cool/cold days coming!!


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