Sunday, November 9, 2008

The website of DESIGN STYLE GUIDE (aka tag interiordesignteam on

Ruth Sandra Sperling
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I have mentioned before some really good artists who do Home Decor and Interior Design and are part of Design Style Guide (aka interiordesignteam-tag on

Some of them are now on the website available for members of Design Style Guide to list their items for sale:

Here is an artist who does watercolors that I really like:

Melanie of "The Creators Palette"
-- on Etsy at http://www.TheCreatorsPalette.etsy/com
-- a listing on the Design Style Guide website at

Here is someone who's pottery I really like -- especially the Leaf Pottery:

Tara Robertson Pottery
-- on etsy at
-- a listing on the Design Style Guide website at

And here is some people who have images in various mediums that are eco-friendly and of wildlife and horses:

Wysiwigs and Epic Farms (same people)
-- on etsy at and (for horselovers)
-- a listing on Design Style Guide website at

Hopefully more of the talented people in the Design Style Guide will get their listings up on our relatively new website.

Of course, they are always on Etsy!!

Enjoy the handmade art!!


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Melanie said...

Ruth, thank you so much for highlighting my painting - both on Etsy and one of my Design Style Guide listings. I'm so pleased you like "Birch Creek"! Thank you!